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Wanting What You've Got, Finding Joy in My Stash!

Episode 3: Wanting What You've Got, Finding Joy in my Stash
Hello and welcome back to Episode 3 of The Stitch Goddess podcast.

You can find me on Ravelry and Instagram as elissapack.

I wanted to spend some time talking about my 2018 Challenge, which I've mentioned a few times now. Settle in with a cup of your favorite tea!

It all started about a year ago with a Winter UFO Challenge at my local yarn shop, Atomic Fibers. I never knew what a UFO was - unfinished object...I just figured that my old works in progress were simply in their geriatric years... But, the UFO challenge really inspired me to make a list of current works in progress, or projects where I had everything I needed to finish. I think the most important lesson I learned was that, when I'm tempted to procrastinate on a project...(ahem... I'm looking at you, second sock!), that the project went much faster than I had feared.

The challenge also really motivated me to focus more closely on one project at a t…

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