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The Joy of SEX*....or Stash Enhancement Experience!

The Joy of SEX*

*Stash Enhancement Experience

Well, hello! If you're new to my podcast, welcome! And if you're returning, I'm so grateful that you came back! It means the world to me to share my joy of knitting, sewing and quilting with you!

You can find me on Ravelry and Instagram as elissapack. You can also follow the #stitchgoddess and #stitchgoddesspodcast hashtags on Instagram!

So...I had quite a lot of SEX* in the last month...that's Stash Enhancement Experience...or buying heaps of yarn, silly!

photo courtesy Jane Burns Designs
Oh, my. It was so good! I was so excited that I came home and immediately introduced all the new skeins to their new stash! Then, I started re-organizing my stash into clearly dedicated projects. And, well...there are (ahem) about 28 projects looking back at me! So, I guess I know what I'll be doing next year...😃

Come meet my lovelies!

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