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Springtime Blues, Greens and Pinks!

Springtime Blues, Greens and Pinks! Hello! If you're new to my podcast, welcome! And if you're returning, I'm very thankful that you came back! It means so much to share my joy of knitting, sewing and quilting with you!

You can find me on Ravelry and Instagram as elissapack. You can also follow the #stitchgoddess and #stitchgoddesspodcast hashtags!

After what seemed link an eternal winter, Springtime has arrived in East Tennessee! It's actually been quite a long spring: last year, the daffodils bloomed for about 2 minutes before they succumbed to an early summer. This year, trees and flowers have been in bloom for a really long time, and they have been a welcome balm over the greyness of winter. You can bet that I really needed that first flowering of spring! It came just in time!

I've never actually had any sort of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but I've been experiencing an alarming amount of anxiety in the last month. I feel overwhelmed - a LOT. It just…

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