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To Frog or Not To Frog?

Episode 4: To Frog or Not to Frog? 

Hello and welcome back to Episode 4 of The Stitch Goddess podcast! Thank you so much for joining me! You can find me on Ravelry and Instagram as elissapack.

Finished Objects

  • I have no finished objects this week...but such is life!

Works in Progress

My main focus this week has been on the Knitting for Olive Lace Body/Dress. This has been such a fun knit, and it's flying off the needles! I am really enjoying this project, pretty much to the exclusion of everything else. It's really thrilling to see it grow so quickly - the little bits of pink and pale blue in the yarn are like little surprises when they pop up, but the color is really quite subtle. 

I very nearly had a panic attack with my Artifice Shawl. I took a look on Ravelry at other knitter's Artifice shawls, and I realized that almost everyone else had used a larger sized needle - closer to a 4mm, whereas I'm knitting mine with a US1/2.25mm. After 8 pattern repeats, I started to feel that the shawl wasn't getting very large, especially when people commented that they achieved 11 pattern repeats for the entire shawl. Secondly, I was weighing my yarn, and had 54 grams left from a 113g skein, and I worried that I wouldn't really have enough to make the shawl as big as I wanted. Lastly, I noticed that Hunter Hammersen's sample for Curls 2 used 600 yards! So, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't end up with a finished object that was as big as the picture. I posted in the Ravelry forum for a Curls KAL, and Hunter very kindly gave me some suggestions: wash and block whilst in mid-project to see if I like the overall fabric: if I like what I'm seeing, then keep going. If not, then I could take it back and start again. (Groan!) I think while I've got such momentum going on the Lace Dress project that I'm going to think about what to do with my Artifice for a while...

  • Artifice Shawl : pattern by Hunter Hammersen | knit in Dream in Color Jilly in Tidal colorway
  • Tacit Handwarmers : pattern by Hunter Hammersen | knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Snake
  • Lace Body/Dress : pattern by Knitting for Olive | knit in Madelinetosh Feather in Sandstorm

I'm a little concerned about the number of projects I have to sew...it's starting to feel a little overwhelming and the fabric and patterns feel like they're staring at me, waiting somewhat impatiently for my attention...Unfortunately, some of these items didn't end up in my video podcast. I'm not sure what happened. The camera only records for 12 minutes before it shuts off, and I think I'll need to use a countdown timer!
  • Coco Tops: I have two fabrics from Stitchybee.co.uk that I will be using for my Tilly & the Buttons Coco tops: a brilliant ruby red Ponte de Roma and a blue geometric jersey.
  • Ultimate Wrap Dress: I also have two more jerseys from Sew Over It: a floral red print and an Art Deco fan print! I can't wait to sew these up!
  • Moji pants: pattern by Seamwork. I'm trying to get away from just throwing on a pair of jeans every day, and this emerald twill from Style Makers Fabrics.
  • Kalle Shirt/Tunic: This is part of the #sewmystyle2018 Instagram challenge. I'm really looking forward to this month's challenge: the Kalle shirt/dress. I'll be making the medium shirt (not crop or dress style for me), with the added sleeves, in a large teal gingham print from Style Makers Fabrics. I may not have enough fabric for the sleeves and print matching, but I'll do my best to make the most of what I do have!
  • Pattern Weights: I found this amazing free pattern on the Tea Rose Home blog by Sachico Aldous, and I also found the perfect batiks* to use in my stash! Score!

Ever since I painted the room in which I currently podcast, I have been envisioning having a quilt hanging on the wall - or perhaps draped over my chair! It's the Modular Quilt blocks in Orchid from Purl Soho. I'm not sure if it's the idea of having this quilt kit or the idea of making this quilt that led me to buy this kit over a year ago. I suspect that it's the former. There is something comforting in surrounding myself with lots of knitting/sewing/quilting potential, something satisfying in knowing that I own this kit. It has a certain pristine beauty all wrapped up in this seductive little package, and part of me is loath to open it and take it out. But, this whole year is about working with what I have and gleefully enjoying the process of making things with what I love. As evidenced in this video, I have plenty of things to make without having to go looking for more! 

I also mentioned that the batiks I used were from my first quilt! I took a beginning quilting class at Atomic Fibers, and I learned so much about the basics! It was really helpful!

Finished Object Archive

Today, I am wearing my V for Victoria sweater by Jennifer Wood. This is from the Refined Knits book, and I have a few issues with this sweater. First off, as much as I love oatmeal, I don't really think it's a flattering color for me. It's just really too plain, and a bit ashy. The fit is also a bit problematic. The front and the back of the sweater are basically identical, and I wish I'd been able to add some short rows on the back to make the neck come up a bit higher. The neckline is pretty wide, and so I'm always pulling at it - so I even look uncomfortable in it. Did I mention that I don't really like the color? I tend to reach past this sweater in my wardrobe, which is a shame because I spent 4 months knitting this sweater last year. 

To Frog or Not to Frog?

I'm happy that I made this sweater, but I'm seriously considering frogging it. Completely ripping it all out. (If nothing else, it would certainly make for a mesmerising Instagram video!) I'm considering re-making this sweater in another color - a brilliant Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Lepidoptera. I love this color so much that I bought 6 skeins (2520 yards!!!) of it! That's a LOT! Then, with the oatmeal yarn, I'd turn it into socks. I have 4 skeins worth of this yarn, so it would definitely be plenty of socks, I could add toes/heels and stripes with other sock yarns in my stash and I would still enjoy wearing this color - just far away from my face. 

What are your thoughts? Shall I frog or not?
  • Victoria by Jennifer Wood | knit in Madelinetosh Euro Sock in Obi
Thanks for reading!

Happy making everyone!


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